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A couple of weeks ago I put out a blog post on our other site XXXchurch.com titled “The Dangers of Anti-Porn Culture.”

You can read that here if you want.

My post was in part a response to the unfortunate Atlanta massage parlor shootings and I’ll be honest…

I knew we’d catch some pushback for the title of the post.

But that’s ok since the point of these articles is to stimulate thoughtful discussion and dialogue.

However, the only problem is while this happened with some people, there were many others who posted reactionary comments that clearly reflected the fact they never even read past the headline. 🤷🏻

Of course, I wasn’t surprised by this either since I see this type of thing happen on social media all the time…long and lengthy (sometimes hateful) posts that are created in response to a three or four-word blog post or news article title.

Why do I bring this up?

First, if you are struggling with porn or some other issues in your life, there’s a good chance you are hesitant to share this fact with other people out of fear of judgement. And you know why you fear this?


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Because… people never read past the headline.

They hear you struggle with this or that and then proceed to create entire narratives in their head without knowing the whole story… your story.

They don’t know about your pain.
They don’t know your past.
They haven’t walked in your shows.

Yet they have a strong opinion… an ignorant one at that.

It’s critical that we understand this is part of human nature and the fact that they don’t read past your headline is lack of empathy and understanding on their part.

In other words, it’s them not you.

Second, and even more problematic in many ways, is that many people who are dealing with sexual addiction issues don’t read past their own headline either?!

They just say, “Hey I’m really broken and I need to get better.”

But they are at a loss as to how that process can happen since they never look past their unwanted behavior for the REAL problem… their pain.

Recognize if you’ve been dealing with these issues for much of your life, there are a ton of factors influencing why you do this stuff. Factors that need to be addressed and treated if you are going to move forward into real freedom.

Don’t just stop reading after the headline.

Do the work.
Dig in.

Look past the behavior and search for the real problem lying just below the surface.

If you need a safe place to do this, think about joining the Live Free Community where close to 1,000 other men are doing the same thing, willing to walk alongside you in the process.

You can find freedom. I assure you.

But you need to get past the headline of your life story.

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