The Problematic Nature of Fear



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What is stopping YOU from being a better YOU?

If you are to be honest, what is the number one thing that is preventing you from becoming a better version of yourself?

A better man, a better woman, a better individual in general, what is the thing that is stopping you from reaching your goals or breaking destructive habits like pornography use?

While you think about that for a few seconds, let me answer with what I think it is and that answer is FEAR.

Fear at the end of the day is usually the one thing that lies at the center of all our angsts, our insecurities, and ultimately what prevents us from moving forward in our life when it comes to getting help for the things that we need.

Usually fear manifests itself in several ways.

Fear of what someone might think if they find out you struggle.
Fear of what would happen if when you get help you fail.
Fear of never ultimately achieving your goal.
Fear of having to admit that you’re a little weaker than you thought.

All of these are legitimate fears and things we all struggle with on a day to day basis. Whether it be porn use or simply performing at our best when it comes to our job.

Don’t get me wrong.

Fear is a completely legitimate emotion, but it is also one that is very destructive and something you need to get past if you’re ever going to be successful in any venture or journey that you undertake.

I know for me fear has manifested itself over the course of my life many times keeping me trapped, feeling alone, and ultimately stuck.

And in all those situations when I look back and I asked myself what was it I was afraid of… in retrospect, I realize that my fears were not very legitimate.


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In other words, instead of being afraid of a very present danger, usually what I was afraid of was the “what if’s” and the “what could happen’s” and that is ultimately is not fear, but anxiety.

Anxiety is the dread we create in our minds, whether something will actually happen or not and it is toxic to our lives.

And this is why we created the Live Free Community App.

Because we know that many men who want to find freedom in their lives are trapped by fears of what people might think of them or of what might happen if they’re not ultimately successful.

When we are alone and have no one to encourage us or to share this type of stuff with, we just remain static, never moving forward, always afraid of what the next step MIGHT bring.

Let me challenge you as I have challenged myself many times and say that if you are not getting help for the destructive patterns and behaviors in your life because you are afraid, then take the time to address those fears, stand up to them and realize that at the end of the day, most of them have no real merit or weight.

Ultimately, the only thing getting in the way of you becoming a better version of you… is you.

That sounds like a tongue twister, but it’s true.

You are your biggest blockade to success and freedom.

Don’t let fear get the better of you.

Accept it, embrace it, and then reject it because ultimately fear is not our friend, but our mortal enemy.

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