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The Live Free Community App offers a simple and safe way to bring men together who share a common struggle
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If you’ve felt alone and without hope, the Live Free app might be the very thing you need to change the
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– Carl Thomas – Live Free Founder

“We exist to provide a community for men who struggle with porn and lust so they can find the support they need and live the life they were created to enjoy.”

We Believe
People Need People

It’s not just our opinion, it’s a scientific fact. We need other people in our lives for optimal mental and emotional health. An authentic like-minded community not only helps us achieve our goals but empowers us to make better life decisions.

Awareness Is Half the Battle

When we feel like using porn or acting out sexually, it seems as if we are headed down a predetermined path to failure. But the choice to do these things is ours. We have the power to say yes or no. We simply need the awareness to understand that when our feelings do not align with our goals and values, we are free to reframe those feelings and make a better choice.


Sex Is Good

Porn distorts sex and twists something that is amazing into something that is extremely damaging. Sex is not the problem. It is a gift and something meant to be enjoyed in the context of real love and healthy relationships. When we free ourselves from porn use we allow for the possibility of a more intimate and fulfilling sex life.



Christ-centered recovery and science are not polar opposites, they are two sides of the same coin. We believe in a balanced approach to freedom recognizing the intelligent design that can be found in the biochemical, emotional, and psychological components of an effective faith-based recovery program model.

We Don’t Believe
Porn Is the Problem

While we recognize that porn is not a good thing and creates many problems for men, we don’t see porn as an “enemy” we must fight; but rather a distraction that we need to manage and avoid so we can live with maximum effectiveness, purpose, and joy. Porn use is a choice. We must choose better.

Porn Use Is Simply About Sex

Porn use and sexual addiction are not about sex, they are about medicating pain. We believe that in order for men to find lasting freedom from porn, they must uncover and reconcile the deep emotional scars that lie at the root of these behaviors.

Addiction Is Forever

The saying goes, once an addict always an addict. But we don’t buy that. Freedom is accessible to anyone and everyone. True freedom means not being held to limiting labels or mindsets. You can change and experience the fullness of life you were meant to enjoy.

Recovery Can Be Done Alone

No man is an island, and that is especially true when it comes to breaking free from porn use and sexual addiction. Those who insist on struggling in silence and isolation never find peace because loneliness is emotionally and biochemically counterintuitive to success. Effective recovery requires a community of support.


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what people say

This app has definitely helped me add more accountability, encouragement, and prayer to my daily rhythms. I have been through long periods of sobriety before that were more of a white knuckle experience. This has felt different, this has felt like learning how to breath.

1 / 7
– John

Thanks so much for making this app. I have felt so isolated but I am so thankful that I finally mustered up the courage to talk to someone and look for accountability and community.

2 / 7
– Gavin

This app has very likely saved my marriage and spared my kids the trauma that all of that entails. Thank you!

3 / 7
– Salvatore

I just want to thank you for founding this amazing platform for men like us who struggle with the same issues that we can find help fellowship and accountability together.

4 / 7
– Greg

Thank you Carl, I am grateful. Sharing your own experience makes me know I am not alone in this situation. Being on this app is one of the best things that has happened to me in recent times. The answers you give make a lot of sense.

5 / 7
– Peter

Hey this app is awesome and I am so glad one of my friend introduced me to it. It’s time to heal. I am pumped too because instead of Facebook I can just go to this and the devil has no way to tempt me. God is good all the time.

6 / 7
– Jacob

Thanks for everything that you do! Super stoked to be a part of your new Live Free initiative! I’m looking for complete freedom from lust and pornography and I’m very thankful that there are people like yourself out there so willing to help those in need of support and encouragement in these battles.

7 / 7
– Lawrence


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