3 Keys to Freedom




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Freedom is a term that carries with it a real message of hope.

In the church world we talk about “freedom” a lot, in particular the freedom that comes with knowing Jesus as one’s Savior. Freedom in Christ has been the topic of gazillions of sermons, almost as many books, and was something that the apostle Paul wrote about quite extensively.

“Freedom” has served as the banner cry for Christendom throughout the ages and why not? It sounds pretty good.

Recently I read a book that focused on the matter of porn addiction and recovery. The title and author aren’t important, and while it was a bit “out there” (to say the least), it raised some great questions. Questions, by in large, revolving around the idea that if knowing Christ brings freedom, then why do so many Christian men (and women) find it seemingly impossible to escape the grasp of porn addiction?

Honestly, that’s a great question.

Let’s be real, the numbers aren’t favorable. If you look at the current state of the church when it comes to the issues of porn, it’s clear that there are not many people experiencing “freedom” in this area of their life.

In fact, over 50% of Christian families admit that porn use is a problem in their home.


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Additionally, while we do see some people who eventually find recovery, restoration, and “freedom,” the rate of success isn’t stellar. I’d say, by and large, more people end up giving up on their recovery rather than pursuing it to completion. But why is this?

Is it a problem with current recovery models?

Do we need to scrap our Bibles & delve deeper into psychology or other areas of spirituality?

Is it even possible to get free?

Is it something else?

Or is it that we just don’t understand what “freedom” really means or requires?

That being said, I’m not going to tackle all of these questions nor am I going to offer my comprehensive definition of “freedom.” However, I do want to give you three keys to freedom that apply both inside the church, and outside it.

Three keys that if we fail to realize will skew our understanding of freedom and consequently lead us to false conclusions and even resignation.

Check back next week for the first key to freedom.

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