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Today marks a special day for me.”

About a year ago, I stepped away as the COO of an organization called XXXchurch. It was a friendly departure and part of my transition from that organization to launching this new ministry called Live Free.

However, over the past 12 months, I have still worked with them in a very reduced capacity as a contractor helping out with certain technical needs and other items.

Today is the last day of my contract work with them.

Not because I have problems with XXXchurch, but simply because Live Free keeps growing and I need to make sure that I have the required bandwidth to pay attention to all of the different needs that this ministry has.

I gotta be honest, I feel great. In fact, we are celebrating tonight!

Sometimes closing the chapter on a book or closing a door is extremely liberating.

Not necessarily because where you’re coming from has been damaging or toxic, but simply because every time you close one door, you’re usually opening another which signifies the start of a new journey.

These types of life-changing transitions can be very exciting and rewarding.

So the question then is, why am I sharing this with you?


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Well, simply because I think when it comes to those of us who have or currently struggle with porn, masturbation and those sorts of things, we often have a difficult time closing the doors on past mistakes and problems.

We carry the scars of bad decisions and poor choices around with us, letting those things weigh us down with shame and regret.

But that is exactly what we shouldn’t be doing.

Yes, we all make mistakes.
Yes, we all have made bad choices.

But what’s important is what we do after.

And when we have made amends or are in the process of making amends, we need to leave those negative things in the past where they belong.

We need to close the door and stop living in the self-imposed shame that those haunting memories impress upon us.

Have you made mistakes? I’m sure.
Do you have some regrets? Most certainly.

But do you need to keep thinking about it day after day after day and refuse to let it go?

Absolutely not.

It’s so funny that with Christians, we claim to serve a God who has unlimited forgiveness yet we refuse to forgive ourselves.

On the surface, it sounds like humility, but in reality, it’s pride.

We feel like we can’t possibly let ourselves off the hook, but that’s just not true.

You need to close the door.

However, I will say this… with closing the door comes the need to step into something new.

You can’t just close the door on your porn use or history of poor sexual decisions without making a decision to get better.

Forgiveness is necessary, but so as a commitment to change.

If you’ve lived in secrecy and shame for many years, it’s time to close that door, but it’s also time to step into a new life where you can be transparent and own your decisions and also own the responsibility to fix those things.

Don’t just sit there in the threshold between two rooms.

Completely walk out of the one, your past mistakes, your shame, your regret, and the isolation you’ve lived in.

Then fully embrace the next room.

One of grace, hope and a willingness to be known for the person you truly are.

Freedom requires us to move forward, but it also requires us to let go.

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