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In just a couple of days (if you are in the USA) we will be celebrating the 4th of July.

This, of course, is a national holiday where those of us who live in the USA celebrate our country’s independence from Britain and consequently, its beginning of being a free nation.

Now, unless you’re a hermit, if you’ve been following the news or social media, you know that this country is going through some really difficult times.

There is not only a lack of unity, but there are divides that seem to be growing wider and wider each and every day.

It’s hard to see the discord that is happening all around us and the consequential damage it is doing to people in terms of their trust and their confidence in each other.

Understand that while this country is not perfect, it is still technically a free country. And consequently, I think there are some things we can learn from our own country’s growth that we can apply to our recovery journey.

After all, isn’t our goal in recovery to simply be free?

Free from porn.

Free from lust.

Free of the shame and self-loathing that comes with those things.

Freedom is an ideal that we all hope for, but unfortunately, so few of us ever achieve it, possibly because we have unrealistic expectations about what freedom should look like.

So here are four things that I would tell you to keep in mind when it comes to pursuing freedom.


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First, there will always be growing pains.

As I just said, this country is going through a really difficult time and I’d be lying if I told you this is the first time. We know all too well, that this country has gone through strife, wars, and all sorts of things that have torn it apart only to see it come back together.

I will be the first one to tell you that while this country claims freedom for all, it doesn’t really break down that way for everyone. This nation battles with prejudice, injustice, and worst.

It’s unfortunate that in a free country, not everyone actually feels free, but again, there are growing pains.

We have come far since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but there is a long, long way to go. And there are gonna be more growing pains.

It’s the same with recovery. There will be ups, downs, good times and bad times.

But we all need to remember that freedom means taking the good with the bad to hopefully get to a better version of what we all hope for.

Second, freedom isn’t perfect.

This kind of goes with my first point, but we know that there are flaws with this country. We know there are flaws with our policies.

Heck we know there are flaws with our own constitution, and yet we are a free country. The very fact that we can declare these problems in public, that we can point to failed policies and politicians proves the fact that we have a level of freedom not many other countries can claim to have,

But, this nation is far from perfect.
It is flawed.

Some might argue it is fundamentally flawed.

But the path to freedom has its flaws too.

Just because you are free, doesn’t mean you’re going to be perfect.

There are going to be bumps in the road.
There are going to be setbacks.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to throw out your ideal of freedom.

Because you are living in freedom.

You just need to understand that sometimes bad things happen, mistakes happen, and all we can do is try our best to fix those things and move forward because that’s what freedom demands.

Third, be confident in what you know to be true.

One thing that you will see, especially during times like this, is that all different groups of people have agendas. And they will speak to you in a way that supports their agenda, whether it is 100% true or not.

I’d have to say that the majority of messaging we hear, especially from politicians, special interest groups, and the media is slanted “truth.”

They have an agenda and they want you to buy into it.

The same can be said that when you were experiencing freedom, you are going to get doubters, haters, and people that just resent the fact that you’re living in a way that embraces true freedom.

They are going to tell you things about yourself that at the end of the day only serve to support their agendas.

If someone sees you as a person that they can use to get ahead, I assure you that they will talk to you in a way to support that agenda.

You have a choice.

You can either believe the lies and the slanted truths, or you can rest in what you know.

Just because some might say you lack worth or that you’re hopeless doesn’t mean you are because God says that you have tremendous worth and you are never beyond hope.

Don’t buy into the agenda.

Rest in what you know to be true.

Finally, we are better together.

Again, freedom is not a solitary endeavour. I’ve said this a million times.

This is why we have the Live Free Community and Small Groups Online, because we recognize the value of having people in our lives that love us, support us, champion us, and at times, challenge us.

This country is only going to get better IF we work together.

That requires us to exercise extreme empathy.

We need to hear all sides to the arguments. We need to be willing to accept that maybe what we believed in the past, isn’t actually the case.

If we think that we can achieve a better state of freedom by ignoring half of our brothers and sisters, then we are sadly mistaken.

There must be unity for us to move forward. We all need to understand that we are only going to make this country the best it can be if we do it together.

No man left behind, as they say…

I hope these four principles will help you understand what real freedom looks like.

That it’s not a fairy tale, nor is it a perfect ideal.

Freedom is a beautiful thing, but it certainly has its shortcomings at times.

And we need to be okay with that and embrace the fact that we have the freedom to try to fix those things.

I hope you all have a happy 4th of July, whether you’re in the United States or not.

And if you’re looking for a place to start your journey to freedom, I would highly recommend you check out the Live Free Community or Small Groups Online.

These are both places where you can find men encouraging, sharing, and helping each other on a daily basis so that we all can get to a better ideal state.

Let’s live free!

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