Goal Evaluation – Don’t Skip It




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Carl Thomas

Pastor | Live Free Founder | Lover of Jesus, Philly sports, fitness, tattoos, sarcasm, and craft beers.

How are things going with some of those new goals you’ve set?

Why do I ask?

Because, something that’s pretty important when it comes to goal setting is goal evaluation.

If you aren’t evaluating your progress and even your goals themselves on a regular basis, your efforts are going to yield lackluster results and impact.

So I want to give you some tips in terms of what that evaluation process should look like:

First, how are you doing in terms of your goal progress.

Is your goal easier or harder than you expected?

Let’s be honest, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew and sometimes we don’t bite off enough. We need to periodically step back and ask ourselves…

“Did I set the benchmark for success too high, or too low?”

And depending on the answer to that question, you may want to fine tune and tweak your original goal.

Second, are you happy with your progress?

If you are then great, keep going.

But if not? Try to figure out why and go about fixing that problem.

Third, is this goal still valuable?

Listen, sometimes we don’t enjoy the goals we set for ourselves, but we know we need to.

So even if you’re not enjoying the process, ask yourself, are you at least excited about the end result?

“Is there value in me hitting my goal?”

Because that’s really, what’s going to motivate and sustain you.


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Fourth, is this goal still relevant.

I would imagine if you are early in this journey, this is probably not going to be a big pain point for a lot of people, but it’s still something you need to ask.

Sometimes priorities change and that’s not always a bad thing.

And if your goal is no longer really relevant than you won’t be motivated to pursue it, and honestly… why waste the energy in the first place?

Fifth, are you sticking to “the plan?”

If you committed to a plan of attack for reaching your goal, are you following through?

Are you doing the work?
Are you being consistent?

Honestly, the key to success is not some magical ingredient… it’s doing the right thing, every day, consistently.

So ask yourself, “Hey, am I doing what I need to do? Am I taking the course of action that I set out?”

And if the answer is no, time to regroup, recommit, and buckle down.

Try to figure out why you’re not sticking with your plan.

Maybe you need more accountability.

Maybe you need more effort.

Maybe you need more time allotted to what you want to accomplish.

Whatever is missing, figure that out and set a course to correct it.

Understand that when undertaking this evaluation process, undoubtedly, you’re going to identify some failures here and there.

And that’s okay. That’s part of the process.

Failure happens, and on some level it needs to happen, because failure allows for analysis and the opportunity to improve.

Don’t get discouraged.

Keep going.
Keep pressing.
Keep evaluating and adjusting.

And eventually, you’ll see some results.

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