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Carl Thomas

Pastor | Live Free Founder | Lover of Jesus, Philly sports, fitness, tattoos, sarcasm, and craft beers.

Have you read the headlines lately (other than the political)?

Anyone else disheartened when we see ones like this?

Ravi Zacharias’s Ministry Investigates Claims of Sexual Misconduct at Spas

Jerry Falwell Jr. Finally Resigns from Liberty Amid Sex Scandal

Pastor Sex Scandals, Prosperity Preachers, Corrupt Pastors, And Sex Addicted Preachers Are Targeted By New Website

Bay Area megachurch pastor resigns amid [sexual] scandal fallout

Losing Faith: The Church Sex Abuse Scandal

It’s sad when we read articles like this because, for many, it threatens our hope in what’s supposed to be “good and decent.”

Instead of being able to look up to our leaders, we get disappointed by them causing us to wonder if there is hope for any of us.

The reality is that sexual integrity is under siege.

Whether we want to admit it or not, this is one of the biggest crises facing the church and society today.

And so we are left with a choice….

Do nothing about it and hope it goes away.


Fight for it, AND for the lives of those who need restoration and healing because they’ve lost it.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing marriages lost and lives ruined because of poor sexual decisions and the apathy that surrounds us when it comes to this issue.

Watch this video.

Live Free exists to help men find freedom from porn, lust, and sexual addiction, so they can reclaim their lives, purpose, and sexual integrity.

We have done a lot this past year…but there is so much more to do.

This is why we are launching today our “It Takes a Community” fundraising initiative.

We need your help so we can continue our work and fight for sexual integrity and wholeness.

We are raising funds to help with the growing costs of running such a ministry.

Every single dollar raised offers a promise of continued hope and healing to those who need it and want a change for their life.

The concept of this fundraiser is simple. We all play a part in shaping a renewed future for those who have been broken by porn and sexual addiction.

Whether it’s $1 or $200, every tax-deductible donation makes a difference because we are better together.

We deeply believe in the healing power of community and as a community we can all make a difference in the lives of 1,000’s of families.

Will you join us? Click HERE if you want to join us!


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