It’s Time to Stop Hiding




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Carl Thomas

Pastor | Live Free Founder | Lover of Jesus, Philly sports, fitness, tattoos, sarcasm, and craft beers.

Have you ever held on to a secret because you just simply couldn’t bear the idea of what others would think if they knew the truth?

Of course you have. We all have at times.

Maybe it’s a hidden porn “addiction.”
Maybe a past affair?
Maybe a secret attraction to the same sex?

Or maybe it’s a struggle with something like depression?

Regardless, living in shame and secrecy is no way to live.

In fact, for some it becomes a “reason” to die.

It’s heartbreaking.
But it’s reality.

That’s why I often say that Live Free exists not because of the way things should be; Live Free exists because of the way things actually are.

Without places like Live Free, where else can men who struggle with porn and sexual brokenness find that community of support, grace, and acceptance they need to grow and heal?

Maybe the church???

[….] Do you hear crickets? 😳

Yes, the goal of Live Free is help men find REAL freedom.

But not JUST freedom from their destructive behaviors… Freedom from the shackles of shame as well.

This is why when guys like Tyler and these other men are brave enough to share their stories it gets me so stoked… BECAUSE I KNOW WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Watch his story below…

We are not only helping men find progress in their search for freedom, but we are also empowering them to live outside the shadows of shame they once felt consumed by.

I literally have pages of stories and testimonies from guys who’ve experienced a “shift” after joining Live Free.

But there are so many more yet to tell.

We are in the second week of our It Takes a Community Fundraiser and I again want to invite you to help us carry out this mission we’ve been given… to help men find REAL freedom!


We all need support.
We all need love.
We all need safety.

And we all deserve to live without hiding the truth about who we really are.

The mission is a big one, and it takes a community to accomplish it.

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