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I’ll be honest… I’d love to only share with you stories of freedom and success from the Live Free Community.

I’d love to tell you everyone who signs up stays forever!

I’d love to tell you that every member of Live Free is committed 100% to finding freedom.

I’d love to tell you all that, but… I can’t.

Because that’s not real life.

Yesterday I got this message from a newer member asking if he could cancel and get “some money” back because in his words, 

“I joined in March, barely used the program.” 🙄

I can’t tell you how much messages like this get to me. Not because someone wants to leave. But because these individuals have clearly given up on their efforts.

Understand this member signed up for a year in March. He signed up to be part of an online support community and apparently felt he needed that in his life so much he was willing to commit to a year.

But then two months later I get…“barely used the program.”

Unfortunately I see this type of thing way too often.

It doesn’t matter how expensive or how inexpensive the “program” or resource. People sign up all “gung-ho” and commited to pursuing real life change only to cool off months, sometimes even weeks or days later.


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And to be honest, it’s not that surprising. It’s human nature.

They’ve taken their foot off the gas.

I’ve done this sort of thing myself when it comes to many worthy efforts over the years…

– Working out.
– Counting calories.
– Sticking to a budget.
– Squirreling away retirement dollars.
– Keeping up on the lawn and landscaping.
– Regular dates with my spouse even.

And in all these cases it never resulted in anything positive.

But the difference with these things is with a little tightening of the belt and buckling down I could always catch up and get back up to speed.

But when it comes to destructive habits or behaviors like porn, the opportunity to catch up isn’t always there.

Sure, you can always try seeking recovery “later.” You can always commit to finding freedom when you get more bandwidth. You can always put in a better effort “next time.”

But what happens in the meantime?

How many dreams get forever destroyed?
How many relationships become damaged beyond belief?
How many marriages lost?

The stakes are high with this stuff so when I see someone take the foot off the gas simply because they lost the will or have experienced too much frustration it literally pains me because I know that’s exactly what you should NEVER do!

Never take your foot off the gas pedal.

It’s tempting I know when life gets busy and you feel stretched thin, but it’s a huge mistake and often leads to terrible consequences.

My challenge to you is this:

IF you haven’t even turned the car on let alone touched the gas pedal, make the decision to do so now. Don’t wait or delay your journey to freedom.

But, if you are the type of person who’s sought some sort of recovery in the past and have cooled off on your efforts and commitment, get back on that gas pedal.

– Finish that online course.
– Keep those counseling appointments.
– Show up to your group each week.
– Post every day in your community (like Live Free).
– Meet up with your accountability partner regularly.

Do the work each day, every day. And if you see some momentum (or even if you don’t)…keep your foot on the accelerator because change doesn’t happen by accident.

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