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Carl Thomas

Pastor | Live Free Founder | Lover of Jesus, Philly sports, fitness, tattoos, sarcasm, and craft beers.

Have you ever wondered why despite all your efforts and focus on removing or avoiding porn you still go back to it… over and over again.

It’s like the harder you try to remove this stuff from your life, the more it invades your life.

And if so, here’s a thought for you…

Stop trying so dang hard to avoid the “bad” stuff.

See, getting free from porn is less about focusing on not doing something that’s bad for you, and more about focusing on something that’s good or that much better for you.

For many individuals who struggle with porn, tremendous energy is constantly wasted trying to rid themselves of a bad thing. But because so little attention is spent on the better things, the good things in life, these same people often find themselves stuck or even going backwards in their recovery journey.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

How many of you have had a clean stretch of two to three days only to end up binging for three to four days?

Or how many of you have installed multiple filters, cut their cable, and gone to extensive measures to rid your life of porn and temptation only then to seek out loopholes or workarounds?

In other words, despite all your effort you end up in a place that is not much better, if not worse, than where you started.

This is because you’re so focused on removing the darkness in your world, you forgot about the light. And so even though you may temporarily clean out some stuff from your life, you leave an empty space that invites it right back in.

Understand that darkness is simply the absence of light. In other words, it’s the absence of good things. And the only way you can remove darkness is by introducing light.

In other words you are not removing something, you’re replacing something.

What changed for me and led to my freedom from porn was not figuring out how to remove porn, or how to avoid porn, or even how to stop wanting porn.


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No, what changed for me was finally understanding and appreciating what I truly wanted in life… the good things – the light if you will, and then pursuing those things.

In other words, I started chasing something better than porn.

Instead of just trying to remove porn from my life thus leaving a void in its place, I started focusing on replacing it with something that was far better and more desirable.

So here’s what I would tell you.

Maybe you are not at that point where you are ready for an entire shift in your perspective, right?

But you can still practice the idea of filling your life with good stuff so the bad stuff has nowhere to insert itself.

Ask yourself…

What gives you life?
What do you enjoy?
What is healthy for you?

Maybe what projects have you been delaying because you haven’t had enough time?

Use this opportunity to fill your life with the positive and productive activities you want to pursue, and in turn, leave little to no time for the things that you want to avoid.

In other words, stop running from what is bad. Start running to what is good.

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