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Have you ever looked forward to something so much that you were almost oblivious to everything else happening around you?

I mean…REALLLY looked forward to something?

I know I have and especially recently when I was on day two of a 4-day fast.

Like other times I’ve fasted, I only drank juice, coffee (of course) and water but ate no food or anything solid. And let me tell you, like other times I’ve done this… I felt miserable at night when dinner rolled around.

But I strongly believe in the spiritual value of fasting and I think it’s a great practice for anyone. It will also teach you a thing or two about discipline.

Anyway, during my fast not much changed around the house in terms of food options.

We still had chips in the pantry.
The fridge was still stocked.

And my kid’s Easter candy still showed up in different parts of the house where they carelessly left it. 🙄

Yet, I did not eat.

How is it that even though my environment had not changed and the food options were still plenty, I was able to say NO despite my amped up hunger pangs?

Well, it’s not because I am special.

It’s because I had a clear goal and something to look forward to.

You see at the end of every fast I always make it a point to go out to dinner and have a really great (and large) meal. It’s a celebration in some regards and something I really look forward to.

When I’m fasting I can’t say that I’m not tempted to eat 24×7. Because I am quite frankly.

But, because I see a clear end to the process with the promise of a huge reward I am able to push through with tremendous resolve.

Why do I bring this up? Well, it’s not to brag.


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I tell you all this because I believe if we all approached our struggles with porn and the like with this same perspective we’d find so much more success in our efforts.

You see, most people approach their struggles with a daily mindset.

What can I do today to not look?
I sure hope I can say no today.
Maybe today will be better than yesterday?

It’s all very short-sighted and offers little incentive to push through to tomorrow and the day after.

BUT, if you approach these moments like a fast you may find it much easier to deal with your daily struggles.

Here’s what I mean.

First ask yourself… What’s the clear end goal?


Second, what’s the reward?

– Less shame.
– More fulfillment.
– A better marriage perhaps.
– More purpose.
– More productivity.
– Increased joy.

And the list goes on…

Now, that you have those things figured out, ask yourself this when facing temptation.

“Hey, who cares about today… what do I have to look forward to at the end when all this is behind me AND… is that worth saying no now?”

Trust me, that type of thinking will prove to be far more motivating than approaching your struggles as a daily grind.

The reality is this…

Even though so many of us have been dealing with stuff for so long that we start to think that there is no end to our addiction, we need to recognize that there is an end (or at least there can be an end).

And when you get there, to the end I mean, you will see the reward was well worth the wait and struggle.


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