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Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, all these things impact all of us.

They’ve impacted me.

I’m sure they’ve impacted you and the reason these things keep us stuck is that at our very core, we desire security.

We want safety.

So, when we have to do something that requires a step of faith or a little vulnerability, it scares the crap out of us and we talk ourselves into just making the safe play.

I know this impacted me when I decided to start Live Free.

Back in 2019, I decided to depart my safe job with a safe salary, so I could create a special place for men who struggle with porn and lust.

A place where they could find the support and encouragement they needed via a like-minded online community that allowed them to just be themselves.

Enter the Live Free Community app.

A new resource that to this date has benefited over 1,000 men.

The vision was clear… but the path to execution, well… that wasn’t quite as clear.

You see when I decided that this was the cause I wanted to go after…

I sent out a lot of support emails.
I made some new connections.

I crafted an elaborate plan to raise a chunk of money that would be enough to pay for one year of app development plus all the marketing necessary to keep things thriving.

It was a great plan.
It was a well-thought-out plan.
Most importantly, it was a safe plan.

But months and months later, I found myself short of the desired goal.

No fat nest egg that would keep things going helping me sleep well at night.

Why do I share this with you? Well, it’s not to ask you for money.

It’s because I realized then that fear was my enemy, not the lack of finances.

My need for safety was keeping me stuck.

I couldn’t ignore the advice I had been getting from those I loved and trusted.

I could no longer ignore what I felt God was putting on my heart.

I had to launch our app and stop dragging my feet… without safety and without a big fat nest egg.

Realize that what I was struggling with then may be different than the fears you struggle with now.

But in the end, I had to ignore my desire for security and safety and launch our app without 100% of the money needed to do it comfortably.

And yes, that decision made me feel very vulnerable, but I had to just go after it because too much was on the line.


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I had to forget about the worst-case scenarios.

I had to walk by faith and not by sight as the Bible says.

I had to do what was going to help me become a better version of myself and also help others become better versions of themselves.

There was no other option because I wasn’t going to give myself one.

And over two years later I’m so thankful I didn’t, because here we are fostering a thriving community that is helping men each day in their common quest for freedom and healing.

Why do I share this now? Two reasons.

One, I want to encourage you, go after recovery.

Go after the things you know you need to do to become a better version of yourself.

Don’t let fear get in the way.
You know what you need to do.

Just do it and don’t give yourself an option B.

Two, I want to encourage you to push past the shame and insecurity, and jump into the needed daily conversations that will help you grow and advance.

I get it. Sounds scary.

But our collective avoidance of difficult conversations surrounding sex, porn, and masturbation only compounds our shared problems and challenges.

There’s too much on the line to remain quiet and secretive.

Yes, the safety of doing that seems very appealing, but it will only contribute to your ultimate undoing.

Of course, all that sounds easier said than done. So, if you are struggling to step out in faith and pursue the things you need to go after to see growth and improvement…

Check out my new book When Shame Gets Real today.


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