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Live Free is a recurring subscription that automatically renews every month and may be canceled at any time. Prorated cancelations are not offered. Refunds are not offered.

Live Free Ministries reserves the right to send email correspondence in the form of any of the following: Surveys, Cancellation Inquiries, and Special Offers.

Live Free does not offer professional or pastoral counseling services.

I am paying for access to a social network/community that is comprised of people of similar circumstances discussing issues in their lives for purposes of community and support, not for counseling or professional services.

Anything discussed within the community or any suggestions/recommendations made within the community are the express opinions of those individuals only, and not Live Free Ministries. No guarantees are made regarding any of the information or suggestions you receive. Any action or lack of action I take in connection with these opinions and/or suggestions is my option & I do not hold Live Free Ministries, their employees, subcontractors, representatives, and/or volunteers responsible for my actions.

As such, I waive all claims that can be made against Live Free Ministries or any of their representatives for the advice or actions I may receive via the community.

If anything is said within the community that gives the impression that a child or any other person is at risk of endangerment, exploitation, and/or abuse such information must be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities per state or federal guidelines. This includes the possession, sale or distribution of child pornography. Such action is mandated by law.

If anything is shared within the community that gives the impression I am at risk of harming myself or another person such information will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities per state or federal guidelines. This will be done regardless of mandated laws.

I must be over 18 years of age to be a part of the Live Free Community. If I am not and it is discovered I will be removed from the network promptly.

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